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Pomeranians are a very special breed of dogs.  They are happy, people loving dogs.  They are also very intelligent, devoted and loyal to their families.  It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience to raise these special gifts of love.  A gift not only to ourselves, but to those who purchase one for their own families.

Barbara Raymond (Breeder)

Our Poms are raised on twenty seven acres in the beautiful state of Oregon.  We have been raising Pomeranians for sixteen years.  We strive for soundness, temperament, quality as well as beauty.  We also have a wide variety of beautiful colors to choose from.

We would like to thank Audrey Caywood for bringing our dream of showing our Poms to reality.She was over for a visit one day and expressed an interest in showing our Poms.

Audrey Caywood (Show Partner)

That was the beginning of a great partnership and friendship,  one we hope lasts a lifetime.  Audrey has been showing our Poms for many years.  She has shown a tireless dedication, love and talent for showing Pomeranians during this time.  Keep up the good work Audrey!

  Our partnership allows each one of us to do what we do best.  I enjoy the whelping and raising of the puppies to the training age and Audrey takes over our selected "show winners".

Thanks to Geri Arnold for doing a great job showing and grooming our Poms, Barbara's Dancing With Silver and Morning Sunshine.

You can e-mail us at:

Barbara showinner@hotmail.com or

Audrey showinpoms@comcast.net or

Call Barbara at (503) 864-2459  9:00 am to 9:00 pm PT or

Audrey at (276) 629-9483 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET

Showin Poms was featured in "THE POM READER", June, 2001 issue in a kennel visit.  For more information go to  www.thepomreader.com.  To obtain your copy call:  (863) 858-3839 or order from their website.


Barbara Raymond... :)


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